Do my clients know I am using PagoVision StickyStreet?

No, our product, including our API is completely white-label. Your clients will never see PagoVision or know that you are using our cloud based platform to run your agency.

Which License do I choose?

Pick the license that best suits your model, if you are a large company with several third party technology partners (POS, payments, email marketing), go for Enterprise. If you are a reseller agency, want to use the PagoVision API to modify the program, create a new product, franchise, or create sales channels (sub-resellers), then go bold and get Reseller. If you want to shoot down flying saucers, get Enterprise.

Why aren't your fees listed?

That’s a great question and one that has many answers. We’re not trying to hide anything! We just want to protect your market advantage so we keep the price of our product undisclosed (as well as the monthly fee) so that you can feel free to charge your clients as you see fit. Additionally, because we work worldwide in multiple languages across 97 countries (that many already, sheesh!) and with agencies of all sizes, there is not a one price fits all model that would apply. We are nice folks, give us a call and we’ll work with you.

Is there a commitment to use the program?

Yes. All Agencies sign up for a 1 or 2 year plan, then it’s renewed yearly at your discretion.

Can I demo the platform?

Yes and No. No, we’re not trying to trick you, but as a white label product, our platform is under wraps and top secret. Heck, we aren’t even on twitter! Although most agencies base their products on our robust, award winning API, and don’t need a demo (just API Keys), some agencies use our web based turn key versions and want to take the PagoVision van out for a spin. Instead, for those that need it, we offer a hands-on, in-depth 2 hour demo of the various solutions. This can be arranged after an initial call with one of the Founders, or someone from our Business Development Team. Schedule a call to discuss your needs and the next step might be a demonstration of the product.

I notice that PagoVision is not represented in my Country, how can I fix that?

Do you have a flag? Presently our platform is driven by Agencies and Partners across the Globe. Our product is not for sale to agencies or merchants in most countries where we don’t have Exclusive Partners to handle a region or Country. We KNOW loyalty, but we don’t know the economy of India, or the way merchants work in Hungary, so we depend on our Partner Agencies to guide us to develop the best loyalty platform on the planet. If you would like to explore those possibilities, be in touch. We love to grow and we’re certain the world is not flat.


Please start with filling out this contact form and briefly describe loyalty program your are planning to implement. Our consultant can run a live demo of Loyalty PagoVision for you or create a test account for you.