Our company started out as an agency running loyalty programs on behalf of our customers in USA and LATAM. Running a loyalty program can be a struggle, because it consists of many time-consuming activities. To make it efficient we have created PagoVision application, which automates all major processes within a loyalty, rewards or incentive program and enables us to operate successfully. We decided to offer our software for all companies and run a loyalty program.

PagoVision provides full technical support of all aspects of the loyalty program, from implementation to reporting. This allows your agency to focus on the most important aspects of running the program on behalf your agency’s customer, such as strategy or communication with the participants.



Using Loyalty PagoVision you can launch a loyalty program within a week. You don’t have to develop your own software, hire developers, pay for software maintenance, servers, bug fixing. This all is very costly and time consuming. By using Loyalty PagoVision on-demand solution you will substantially lower cost and time needed to implement a loyalty program.


PagoVision Corporate Solutions provides a consultative approach to increase revenues. Our solutions help organizations across four main pillars:

Sales Effectiveness

This is the organization’s ability to create a customer demand, when the customer does not know there is one. Sales effectiveness helps to measure performance, understand the customer and differentiate from competitors. Meet the demand by focusing available resources in the right areas and improving productivity by understanding the sales process.

Operational Efficiencies

In order to attain operational efficiency a company needs to minimize redundancy and waste, while leveraging the resources that contribute most to its success and utilizing the best of its workforce, technology and business processes. At PagoVision, we ensure that reduced internal costs that result from operational efficiency enable a company to achieve higher profit margins or be more successful in highly competitive markets.

Customer Experience

Your customer’s perception is your reality. Here at PagoVision, we support the customer experience through Technology Solutions, Manpower Solutions and Partnership Solutions to ensure you meet your customer’s needs.

Cost Management

Cost Management is the process of doing something better, but in a more cost effective way. We provide organizations with the qualified manpower at a lower cost as they benefit from no recruitment costs, no training costs and a lower cost of delivery.

Digital Marketing

Building a truly interactive social media community within an e-commerce platform or integrated marketing plan, is imperative to today’s business needs. We help our customers integrate social media elements, such as social networking features and user generated content platforms, directly into their commerce environments.

Partnership Management

Linking you with merchants forms an essential part of an effective loyalty strategy and customer relations program. A well-defined merchant network allows for a broader customer base. Collaborate with our experienced partnership team who will develop the right partnership plans for your clientele base. We provide an approach that supports business objectives, brand values and customer needs, all while managing your partner relationships.

Loyalty Strategy: Innovative and Effective

We use data insights to plan and launch a customer relationship strategy, or review and calibrate your existing one to engage your customers towards brand loyalty and advocacy.

Program Design: Cutting-Edge, Sustainable and Profitable

Create a tactical initiative to drive profitable customer behavior by re-shaping your relationship strategy or loyalty program to maximize your ROI. We provide end-to-end solutions from conception of the program to launch, providing the required technology platforms and data analytics.

Partnership Strategy: Prolific Association

It is important to build the right partner portfolio. Using our relationship network, you can add value to your customer proposition and reach and expand towards new customer segments.

Performance Evaluation: Expert Appraisal and Support

We assist you in planning and measuring the success of your marketing initiatives or loyalty program so that you achieve a clear return on your investment.

Portfolio Management & Analytics

Using our comprehensive Lead Management System, we enable businesses to optimize, classify, route and track business leads. Coupled with it is our Analytics Suite which uses dedicated data warehouses to understand consumer behavior and enable predictive analytics for targeted segments.


Please start with filling out this contact form and briefly describe loyalty program your are planning to implement. Our consultant can run a live demo of Loyalty PagoVision for you or create a test account for you.